Ninja ZX-4RR

  • Engine Type

    Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, In-Line Four
  • Displacement

  • Dimensions

    1990 x 765 x 1110mm
  • Seat Height

  • Max Power

    76.43 HP / 14,000 rpm
  • Max Power (with RAM Air)

    78.72 HP / 14,000 RPM
  • Max Torque

    39.6 N.m / 13,200 rpm
  • Transmission

  • Curb Mass

    188 kgs
  • Fuel Tank Capacity

    15 L
  • MSRP*

    PHP 499,000

Riders who were around in the heyday of 400cc supersport machines in the 1980s and 1990s will remember their high-revving character, how lightweight and compact they were, and their exciting cornering performance. In the modern era, 400cc machines remain an excellent midway point between the 250cc and 600cc classes, but many do not offer the same performance and thrill as their older counterparts.

However, the arrival of the new Ninja ZX-4R ushers in a screaming 400cc revolution with an all-new In-Line Four engine making an unprecedented 57 kW (77 PS). Winding it up, the tachometer climbs to over 15,000 rpm to produce an intoxicating wail that is music to the ears of high performance motorcycle fans—a clear audible signal that the Ninja ZX-4R stands apart in the 400cc class.

In-Line Four, 401cc Engine

The Ninja ZX-4R’s In-Line Four engine – the key to its exhilarating riding impact – delivers performance that eclipses the rest of the 400cc field: power is a class leading 57 kW (77 PS)*. Developed with feedback from other Ninja ZX supersport machines, the all-new engine offers a quick-revving nature, direct throttle response and a flexible character that combines strong low-mid range torque for city riding and screaming high-rpm power that can be enjoyed when sport or track riding. Every twist of the throttle rewards riders with a satisfying surge of acceleration complemented by the characteristic intake and exhaust notes of a Kawasaki In-Line Four.

Superb Handling Chassis

While the Ninja ZX-4R offers light maneuverability when riding in town, its high level supersport handling character becomes apparent when sport or track riding. Hints gleaned from World Superbike racing were used when deciding key chassis components, extra care was taken to achieve an excellent rigidity balance, and high-grade suspension and brake components contribute to the Ninja ZX-4R’s superb handling performance. As a result, the Ninja ZX-4R behaves similarly to the Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja ZX-6R on corner entry. When fully banked through a corner on the track, the high level of composure and excellent feedback that allows riders to feel connected to the

SFF-BP (Separate Function Fork – Big Piston)

The Ninja ZX-4R’s ø37 mm inverted fork uses SFF-BP internals. Combining the concepts of Showa SFF and BPF, this advanced fork offers both racetrack performance and everyday usability.

Circuit Mode

A mode exclusive to the RR variant of the Ninja ZX-4R, Circuit Mode can be toggled for use at track days. This mode changes the display to make information important for track riding more visible. The lap time is shown with large text in the center so that it is easy to see while riding, and the tachometer displays rpm above 10,000 along the top more prominently, giving riders a clear view of the information they need when working toward faster times on the track.