Ninja ZX-10R

The Ninja ZX-10R lives up to its name as it continues its worldwide, champion legacy with features that were designed to make crossing the finish line as effortless as revving your engine.

  • Engine Type

    Liquid-cooled, In-Line Four, Fuel Injection
  • Displacement

  • Max Power

    197.2 HP @ 13,000 rpm
  • Max Torque

    113.5 N.m (11.6 kgf.m) @ 11,500 rpm
  • Transmission

  • Curb Mass

  • Fuel Capacity

  • MSRP*


*MSRP may vary depending on region, excludes freight and other charges, and may change without prior notice.

The Ninja ZX-10R has clearly demonstrated its circuit potential through its superlative results in the Superbike World Championship (WSB) – in both years past and present, where Kawasaki riders have absolutely dominated the current season, culminating with the rider’s title for Jonathan Rea, and the manufacturers’ title for Kawasaki. With numerous parts benefiting from feedback from the Kawasaki Racing Team as well as ongoing development research, the new Ninja ZX-10R is the closest thing to a highly advanced factory superbike Kawasaki has yet to offer. And with increased performance designed to give it even quicker lap times on the track, the Ninja ZX-10R is well positioned to continue Kawasaki’s Ninja dominance on the world stage.


Twin-spar frame traces a direct line from the head pipe to the swing arm pivot. This delivers linear behaviour, which translates to greater control. Frame twist was designed to be as close to the main pipes as possible, which further facilitates rider control. Frame design also contributes to cornering stability and a high level of feedback. The frame is an all-cast construction consisting of only seven pieces. This afforded engineers a great deal of design freedom. Wall thickness could be minimised while ensuring the required strength and rigidity.


Larger upper cowl improves the aerodynamic performance of the machine-rider package, offering a lower cdA (coefficient of drag) than the previous model. The increased wind protection (reduced stress from wind blast) enables riders to change positions more smoothly as they set up for corner entry when riding on the track.

Showa Suspension

The Ninja ZX-10R features a new front fork jointly developed with Showa in the Superbike World championship. Tested in world racing competition – and a great asset in Kawasaki’s championship winning season – this technology, coming directly from Kawasaki’s factory race machine, is making its mass-production debut on the new Ninja ZX-10R. The advanced Showa Balance Free Front Fork is complemented by Showa’s latest rear shock, the BFRC lite, a lighter, more compact version of their Balance Free Rear Cushion rear suspension, also debuting on the Ninja ZX-10R.

Brembo Brakes

To further improve the Ninja ZX-10R’s corner entry performance on the circuit, a high-spec Brembo front brake system was implemented. The Brembo system – very similar to the system used on the Ninja H2R – includes the best components available for a mass-production model. Special tuning at the Brembo factory ensures that all play has been removed from the system, so that when the brakes are called for, they respond immediately.