Vulcan 900 Custom

The Vulcan 900 Custom is the result of Kawasaki’s pursuit of the essence of a true cruiser motorcycle.

  • Engine Type

    Liquid-Cooled, V-Twin, Liquid Cooled
  • Displacement

  • Max Power

    50. 3 HP @ 5700 rpm
  • Max Torque

    78 N.m (8.0 kgf.m) @ 3700 rpm
  • Transmission

  • Curb Mass

    278 kgs
  • Fuel Capacity

  • MSRP*

    Php 665,000

The Vulcan 900 Custom is a bike that really stands out from the crowd - it is the result of Kawasaki’s pursuit of the essence of a true cruiser motorcycle. A study in contrasts, its low-set rear, massive rear tire and solid disc wheel are juxtaposed against a clean and lightweight front end. This dichotomy adds to the dynamism of the svelte bodywork whose seductive curves trace voluptuous lines that machines alone are incapable of forming.

*MSRP may vary depending on region, excludes freight and other charges, and may change without prior notice.

Belt Drive

The Vulcan 900 Custom’s belt drive was especially chosen for this cruiser mode for easier maintenance on the rider, allowing them to focus on the ride ahead.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank, the centerpiece of the Vulcan 900 Custom’s design, received equally meticulous attention. Its carefully sculpted contours create an intricate play of light and shadows that, like a beautiful woman, attracts both the eye and the hand. And it is as the hand flows along the tank’s delicate curvature that its shape, specially crafted to be pleasing to both the eye and to the touch, can be fully appreciated.

Exhaust Pipe

To achieve their curvaceous shape, the exhaust pipes leading up to the muffler were initially sculpted by hand, then created with 3D imaging.


Designed not only to look but also to feel like a big V-Twin, the Custom’s 903 cm3 power plant was tuned to deliver big-bike-style response and superior acceleration, pulling strongly in the 0-50 mph range and able to out-accelerate anything in its class in the midspeed range.