W800 Cafe

  • Engine Type

    4-stroke, Vertical Twin, Fuel Injected
  • Displacement

  • Max Power

    46.9 HP / 6,500 RPM
  • Max Torque

    60 N.m / 2,500 RPM
  • Transmission

  • Curb Mass

    216 kgs
  • Fuel Capacity

    14 Litres
  • MSRP

    PHP 559,000

The W800 Cafe is the latest evolution of the brand that spans 50 years. With numerous parts updated from the original W1 and compared to the standard W800 - the W800 Cafe is a retro model that has been thoroughly modernized to deliver rider-friendly machines with easy handling and good stability on the highway.

*MSRP may vary depending on region, excludes freight and other charges, and may change without prior no

Striking Design

The W800 Cafe is equipped with a striking classic designed that mirrors that classic bikes of yesteryear

Analogue Instrumentation

True to its classic roots, the W800 Cafe comes equipped with an analogue instrument panel